Hi, I’m Vania! I’m an artist and illustrator. How can I help?

Hi, I’m Vania.

I’m an artist and illustrator, currently in the Lancaster, PA area. While I’ve always been a creative person, I started painting in 2014. Using a leftover canvas and a few acrylic paints leftover from a college class, I began painting as a way to de-stress. It then took over a lot of my free time! I’ve also been a part of several art shows in the Lebanon and Lancaster areas, including the Mt. Gretna Outdoor Art Show (2015) and the Trattoria Fratelli Summer Season (2016).

I dreamed of working for Disney and Pixar as a kid, so I began painting illustration-style work on canvas, but I now paint in a post-impressionist style. (Think along the lines of Van Gogh.) As far as illustrating, I now do that digitally. I’m starting a separate brand for my illustration work in 2020, so stay in touch for updates!

Artist Statement

My art comes from the patchwork of my identity–from the various places I’ve lived, the cultures that have shaped me, to the communities that have influenced me, and the faith that’s been my lifeline.

Being a third culture kid, I’m fascinated by unexpected juxtapositions that create unlikely connections. I express that with splashes of contrasting colors, along with a balance of structured lines and spontaneous strokes. Without always trying, I tend to explore themes of home, identity, community, and legacy.

Frequently Asked Questions


What medium do you work with?

Acrylic on canvas.

What is the story behind (x painting)?

Check out the descriptions in the Etsy listings. I also include descriptions in my email newsletter, or Facebook and Instagram posts. Or, feel free to shoot me a message. I’d be happy to answer any questions!

Would you make me a custom sized print or reproduction?

I offer that for interior designers, but I’d be happy to work with you and hear what you have in mind. Send me a message!

How much are commissioned paintings?

For now, the pricing is based on size and would be the same as what they are on Etsy. For example, a 16×20″ commissioned piece would be $187.

How do you frame a painting?

These are a bit more complicated than flat prints because there is depth to a stretched canvas. You usually need to take the painting to get it custom framed, or try a service like Framebridge.

Can you add a mat to framed painting?

The short answer is no. Mats can be applied to flat prints. Some framers may offer a border material to put around the painting to create the illusion of space between the painting and frame, but that tends to be expensive.


Do you write children's books?

I don’t, but I’d be happy to illustrate for someone who does!

What's the difference between illustration and graphic design?

I draw/paint images (digitally), and they get used for interactive or storytelling projects, like books, games, videos, etc. A graphic designer may be able to draw, but their job is to arrange images and text cohesively for print, web, signage, etc. So for example, I may draw a coffee bean that’ll be used for coffee packaging, but I wouldn’t design the packaging itself.

Do you do graphic design?

No, not outside of my day job or for my own uses.

How much is commissioned illustration work?

Generally, pricing depends on the type and size of your project, as well as your deadline. For example, an animated video is a lot more involved than a greeting card. To give you an idea, something like a 3-minute hand illustrated and animated video would start at about $2,000. A greeting card design may be about $50. 

Talk to me about what you have in mind, including your time frame, and I’ll be happy to get you a quote.


When is your next art show?

Stay in the know on shows through my email newsletter (sign up below!), Facebook or Instagram.

Do you do paint night events?

Only once in a great while. If I do, it’s usually for a local nonprofit. It’s not a service I advertise. If you’re wondering about the free open art nights I did, I no longer host those.

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