Art Commissions

Let’s work together on custom artwork for your specific vision!

How it Works

What You Do
  • Think about what you want the painting to be, as well as the size.

  • Gather reference photos.
    While I’ll try to work with whatever you give me, higher resolution is best (at least 1200px wide).

  • Start a Pinterest board of artwork that’s similar to what you have in mind. (Optional, but helpful!)
    Look up color schemes you want, perspectives, angles, etc.

What I Do
  • Once we agree to go forward, I get started.
    Usually the process starts with digital sketches. (I use an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.)

  • I send you progress shots.
    You can request changes in the sketch phase but it’s a lot harder to do so once I get started on painting.

  • I give you the finished piece!
    It will be unframed but ready to hang. The edges will be painted also.

Other Details
  • Timing depends on what you have in mind…
    …including how detailed your piece is and the size of it. Generally, I may need 1-2 months to complete a piece.

  • I won’t handle framing unless you want me to.
    My pieces usually come unframed but ready to hang. Framing is an extra cost and may extend the turnaround time.

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Illustration Commissions

The process for illustrations isn’t too different from art. The difference is that there are a variety of ways to apply illustration work, from animated videos, to books and games, to simple greeting cards. Talk to me about what you have in mind or go to the illustration page to see examples of my work.

View Illustration Work

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