“Show, don’t tell” is the cardinal rule of storytelling. I can help with the showing part.

Latest Update

In 2020, I’ll be starting a separate brand for my illustration & animation work. In the spirit of my nerdiness, it’ll be called Blue Astronaut. As a brand, it taps into ideas of discovery, adventure and exploring the unknown. Be on the lookout for more details in coming months!

Featured Work

Keep Trying

I illustrated and animated this lyric video for “Keep Trying,” an original song by my talented musician friend Michael Kennedy. It follows the harrowing journey of a baby turtle from its nest to the ocean. Enjoy and be inspired!

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Safer® Brand Animal Repellent Landing Page

I illustrated animals and abstract landscapes as part of Safer® Brand’s release of their line of animal repellents.

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Safer® Brand’s ‘How to Keep Deer Out of Your Yard’

I illustrated most of this page, which provides helpful information about ways to keep deer out of your yard.

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Contact me today if you’re interested in illustration work! I specialize in environments, objects, and animals but will sometimes work with human characters. My style tends to be warm and whimsical. I typically do projects like website graphics, graphics to be integrated in branding and packaging, and animated videos. Let me know what you have in mind!

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Personal Work

A sampling of some of my personal illustration work.

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