I’m in a busy work season. This time last year, if you would’ve told me that I’d be doing the kind of work I am now, I never would’ve believed it. I got here by consistently showing my work on social media, and that’s how I met my current collaborators. Looking back, a limiting belief I’ve overcome is: “Those people are out of my league.” That’s a posture where I think my work isn’t worth much, and I see a major gap between myself and others who are well-known with much bigger platforms.

“Those people” are actually just regular people. They have insecurities and stressful days. They freak out behind the scenes as they cross their fingers, hoping their books sell. They feel stupid in front of the camera. That limited vision of people being in some kind of higher league is a total illusion.

Granted, there are people who do think they’re on a higher level and will treat me as such, but that’s also an illusion. The reality is, those of us with similar ambitions are heading in the same direction, but some are just further along. We make progress by boldly and humbly asking for help to get further. Many are willing to help! Especially when we’re clear about our intentions. 

So think of someone whom you see as “out of your league.” Is their contact info listed somewhere? Have you been interacting with their social media posts? Email or DM them and introduce yourself. Tell them you appreciate their work, and maybe even about how they’ve inspired your own. The worst that could happen is that they ignore you. But what if that message is the start of an exciting relationship?