This is somewhat about (enneagram) personalities, but mainly about paying attention.

I’m an enneagram 4. The response I often get is, “Ugh, I can’t stand 4’s. They’re so moody and self-absorbed.” This is an assumption (about an entire group of people), and it’s unhelpful and unproductive. It doesn’t seek to honor the person right in front of you.

And that actually is the gift of the 4. When we’re at our best, honoring the individual is our bread and butter. (We’re the individualists.) You know you’ve been on the receiving end of a healthy 4 when you walk away having felt deeply seen and learned so much about yourself. Because we’re always in a cycle of self-discovery, we’ll share our insights and process with you so that you can benefit.

My core personality type is one of many gifts I can offer a team. I’m also a fairly strong maximizer (on the StrengthsFinder), which means I love situations where I can help people achieve their goals. And having a multi-cultural background gives me a wealth of strengths, including being a natural collaborator and networker. 

So if you’re struggling with a vision for your life, career, or what you offer a team, think about what you already have in your hands. Explore your core personality, experiences, natural skills, passions, life lessons, and even the most solid people in your network. Begin to connect those dots and see what possibilities emerge.

[If you’re curious about your enneagram type, here’s a free test. (No affiliation or paid partnership, just a recommendation.)]